Best USA Online Casino Platform In 2014 – Rival Gaming

top us casino software 2014There are around a half-dozen major USA friendly online casino networks and platforms in 2014. A casino network is not like a poker network. The various casinos on a network simply use the same software or platform. Some lower quality casinos will use the network’s banking system but I’ve always found that the best USA online casinos handle their own deposits and payouts. The generic casinos are those that offer the standard network bonuses and promotions. There really is no reason to gamble at an online casino that doesn’t invest their resources into giving you better bonuses, promotions, more USA friendly deposit options and fastest payouts. I recently went on a casino gambling spree that included all of the major networks and platforms. Many U.S. casinos online in 2014 are part of the RTG casino network. RTG means Real Time Gaming. RTG USA casinos are pretty horrible in my opinion. The RTG casino platform is somewhat outdated with regards to both look, feel and function. I made initial deposits at two RTG casinos and I will not ever be back. Its like the slot games at USA-friendly RTG casinos pay out 75% less often than the Rival Gaming casinos I’ve been playing at and when they do actually hit, the payouts are 75% less.

It was so bad that I contacted Livechat and asked them what their payout percentage was for their slot machines. At a USA Rival Casino slot game it is very common to hit a payout for 100%-300% of the cost of the spin. So I was wagering 200 credits on a RTG slot game – at $.01/credit – and I would rarely hit something for more than $2, the cost of the spin. $15-$.50 was a common payout. At a Rival Casino for USA players like Golden Cherry I would routinely win several times that much and it would happen several times more often.

The best USA online casino platform in 2014 is definitely Rival Gaming. Rival Casinos seem to have much, much better payout percentages. At the RTG, playing slots at $2/spin, it was extremely rare to win more than $10, just 5X the amount wagered. At Rival casino slot games you hit these payouts and larger one quite regularly. Some of our 2014 USA-friendly poker siteshave casinos on the side that use the Rival software. One account allows you to gamble at the casino, bet on sports or play at the USA friendly poker room.

The Best USA Casinos Using The Rival Software In 2014

I’ve noticed that there are great online casinos accepting USA players in 2014 that use the Rival software and there are some crappy casinos using the platform. I prefer to play at Rival Gaming casinos that accept Mastercard deposits from Americans. Some Rival casinos simply do not have Mastercard as a deposit options. Others have it but new players cannot use it. The only two Rival U.S. casinos accepting USA Mastercard deposits are Ruby Royal and the Golden Cherry Casino. We have two special deals at these casinos.

  • Golden Cherry Casino – Claim $333 free for 33 minutes and keep the winnings.  Or you can claim a free $20 no deposit casino bonus in 2014. Use this link to claim our no deposit casino bonus at this USA casino that uses the Rival platform in 2014.
  • Ruby Royal – Claim $888 free for 30 minutes and keep the winnings. This no-deposit bonus is one of the largest I have ever claimed. Use this link to claim the free money at this USA friendly casino using the Rival software in 2014.
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